Friday, January 25, 2013

Chapter 13 - Learning Environment

How will you create a learning environment that is conducive to learning?
In my classroom, I will be sure to arrange my classroom in a way that allows a lot of room for movement so I can move the desks when necessary. I'd also like to arrange the desks in a way that promotes class discussion with one another. I'll probably end up putting the desks into small groups so it's conducive for group work. At the beginning of the school year my class and I will discuss possible rules for the class and make a poster of our rules to keep on the wall. I think my students will be more prone to following the rules that they help create rather than following rules that I made before getting to know them. As a teacher, I will always be monitoring what my students are doing by walking around the room, making myself available to answer questions and give clarification.

Now consider your CSEL case study.  Develop a full continuum of responses for dealing with the misbehavior of your case (ignoring through dealing with serious and repetitive infractions).
In my case study, my third graders are split into small cooperative groups, however, one group is struggling. The group that is lacking consists of a few students and Lisa, a student who refuses to participate unless she is given the role that she wants. Lisa constantly argues with and interrupts her group members, causing them to fall behind the rest of the class. One thing that I could do is ignore the issue altogether. Another thing I could do is  allow my students to give performance feedback on their group members. They will all be working toward a common goal so Lisa may be more likely to listen to her peers than me. I could remove Lisa from the group and make her responsible for all of the group work. This would show her that it's extremely beneficial to be in a group and hopefully make her change her mind about the group work.

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  1. I am starting to like the idea of collaborative groups more and more. I, myself, do not like being part of a collaborative group, but I think it is a beneficial strategy to use with children; especially with children who do not get to see a lot of interaction at home.
    Classroom arrangement is very important to consider when creating the most productive learning environment. Every teacher wants to do what is best for their students, but sometimes it will be difficult to create certain arrangements due to the particular classroom. If a teacher has a small room, it may be difficult to "work with what you've got" to create a beneficial environment.