Tuesday, April 16, 2013

English Language Learners and Immigrant Students

Teacher Preparation and The Education of Immigrant Children
A. Lin Goodwin
  • Immigrant students are experiencing difficulties adjusting to their new life in the U.S.
  • Oftentimes are lumped into the category of "students of color"
  • Teachers need to become prepared to educate these immigrant children because they are currently unprepared and overwhelmed
  • Teachers should promote cultural diversity in their classroom
Significant Quotes:
  • "Currently one in every five children enrolled in school is an immigrant." (157)
  • "Researchers have also found that many teachers joining the profession exhibit parochial attitudes and articulate a preference for teaching children like themselves in environments with which they are familiar." (158)
  • "Teachers continue to be predominantly White, female, monolingual, and middle class. Teachers of color, despite recruitment efforts, constitute less than 10% of the teacher's force." (158)
  • "Their participation in school quickly introduces them to (and seduces them into) "American" culture, which often results in children feeling ashamed of their home cultures." (165)
  • "Knowledge about their histories, culture, and life stories of immigrant families will be critical for teachers if they are to respond in culturally relevant and sensitive ways to immigrant children." (169)
  • What are some strategies to help students embrace their culture in the classroom rather than assimilating to American culture?
  • As educators, how do we step outside of what we know and become comfortable teaching children that are so different from us?

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