Friday, February 8, 2013

Chapter 15- Summarizing Students' Achievement and Abilities

Turn to p. 559 in Ormrod’s text.  Now, imagine that you are meeting with Ingrid’s grandmother today to explain her scores on the recent standardized achievement test pictured at the bottom of p. 559.  What will you tell her about Ingrid’s performance? her strengths? her weaknesses? 

When explaining Ingrid's scores to her grandmother, I would begin with elaborating on the areas in which she excelled and the areas that she needs to work on. According to the percentiles, I would express that Ingrid is doing very well in reading comprehension, science, and social studies. On the other hand, she needs to work on spelling, math computation, and math concepts. 

If grandmother asks you what she could be doing at home to help strengthen Ingrid’s skills, what will you suggest?

One thing that I would suggest Ingrid's grandmother to do is practice her spelling words with her each week. One doesn't become a good speller unless they practice and learn from their mistakes. I would also ask that Ingrid's grandmother help her with her math homework. I'd explain that the math can sometimes be difficult so she should send a note to school with Ingrid if she has any questions about the methods being taught in class. 

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  1. I enjoyed how you pointed out if the grandmother was having any questions with the methods that she should send a note to school. I think it is very good to have communication going back and forth between both parties while working together on this new goal.